What if...

As inspiration for this project, I was recently reminded of a song my daughter wrote when she was 10 years old (she is now in her 20s). It’s a simple, childlike portrayal of the thoughts and feelings of a child in a specific moment in time, captured in a song. This song has inspired me.

It’s a question I would like to ask myself.

The goal of this project is to ask one “What if” question each week, both to myself and to the larger community (if they wish to participate). The questions can be fun, serious, or silly, but the aim is to use them as prompts for creating a body of work. Over the course of the first month, I will work on creating various pieces of content in response to these questions. Then, in the final month of the residency, I will compile the best examples into a cohesive project or album, accompanied by design and video elements.

I could run away for 2 months.

Goals and Values

Produce—not perfection.

creativity & Innovation

Merge sound and visual elements in a unique and innovative way, creating a sonic landscape that is complemented by a visual palette of harmonious textures.

Artist Community

Whether it is through music, visual arts, or literature, we are all connected by our shared passion for creating and sharing our art with others.

local Community

A way to contribute to culture and local communities is through the arts. This could involve participating in local theater productions, music performances, or art exhibits. I am open for anything.


A place to work on a multi-disciplinary project (music + digital visual medium)


Potential collaborations with other artists. 

Collection of Songs

I have played music my whole life and played in many different bands, but now it’s time for me to fully focus on my own work. I am going to make an album.

There I said it.
An album.

Where is this place?


Articles and Information