Talking to the Trees


Engaging in conversation with the trees is an introspective journey that harmonizes with the essence of nature and the expansive tale of humanity.

A transformative walk

The inspiration for “Talking to the Trees” unfolded during a transformative walk in the park with my friend Sasha. Sasha highlighted the imminent threat posed by the ivy’s chokehold on the trees, endangering their survival. Sasha has committed to meticulously freeing each tree from the ivy’s grip. As a poet, Sasha crafts verses dedicated to the silent whispers of the trees, forming the lyrics for each song.

“Red of a Robin,” the inaugural track of the concept album, introduces this poetic exploration. The project is set to unfold with additional chapters in the coming months/years, representing a creative endeavor during my residency.

I aim to explore the inner realm and craft a cinematic live show that integrates design, video, and projections—offering an immersive experience rooted in the essence of the songs.

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Stay tuned for more chapters unfolding in the months (and perhaps years) to come. “Talking to the Trees” transcends being just an album; it’s a conversation with nature, a harmonious blend of sound and symbolism, and a lovely walk with a dear friend through the park.


I travel as a ray of sunrise,

through the trees,
I paint in red the branches
of a Douglas fir

To have a robin alight
On a circle of warmth.

I touch robin’s delicate feet,
Fluffy feathers of neck,
Tiny strands of his crown.
Reluctantly, I go on.
Who knows what I’ll see beyond.

I move above
the city’s geographic shapes

Above expanse
of water spread Through troposphere, out,

Into unblinking constellations,

Timeless chill,
The Big Bang memories and such,
Carrying with me the orange hue of the sun,
And the robin.

released February 20, 2024