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There are just three things you need to know about Mel·lif·lu·ous. First she is wild and adventurous. Second, she is inspired by her mother who was a puppeteer on a children’s television show. Third, a monster lives inside her.

When Mel·lif·lu·ous embarks on any adventure, she sometimes hears her mother’s puppet, Willie What If – a giant, colorful bird – whisper warnings in her ear. However, this doesn’t stop her and she often ignores the bird. Willie sometimes steals Mel·lif·lu·ous’ violin, but she always gets it back, even if she has to fight the bird to do so.

Mel·lif·lu·ous’ music is a fusion of various styles and genres, blending elements of classical, pop, and electronic music into a unique and mesmerizing sound. Her music continues to evolve and change as she explores new frontiers of sound and emotion with just her voice and violin.

Now, Mel·lif·lu·ous is ready to finish her own songs. Willie has been whispering, and the monster inside her needs some attention. Mel·lif·lu·ous is heading to Iceland to continue her musical journey. Want to know more?

Music of Mel·lif·lu·ous

These songs re simple recordings that were done at her friends’s house (thanks Brent Cross and Meshe!)

Music Parties

Mel·lif·lu·ous loves a good party.

These bi-monthly live concert series called the “Eastside Music Series” were hosted by Mel·lif·lu·ous’ alter ego Lara. This started from a recording party where musicians would come from different communities, genres, ages and backgrounds and record a few songs in one take with CBC Engineer Derek Bird.

These are some of the songs over the years that we made.

Eastside Changes

Eastside Dreams

eastside Lovin

Eastside Space

Musical Spaces

Musical Spaces is a project with the objective of showing that music happens everywhere

Old and young and middle aged, professional and people who just play for their cats, and alternative, balkan, roma, banjo, country, accordion, oud, flute, violin, folk, latin, arabic, asian and ALL genres. It’s a project for the love of music. 



Ron Yamauchi

The Diviners

Kenneth Shroeder

teapot in the Tuba

Kele Fleming - Me Oh My

Lisa Butel and Brent Cross