The Northern Lights

One of the people here at NES follows the forecasts closely and saw that there would  be a 5 on the scale of aurora borealis. That is high so we decided that we would all stay up until 3AM to catch them at their strongest. There is a tracker that you can use to see the forecasts (

We bought chips and chocolate and cookies and pizza and whiskey and got ready to hunker down at the studio.

The light started strong right away at about 9PM and we stood outside with our cameras gazing and the dancing light. We came back inside and munched on chips and chocolate and drank whiskey and waited for 3AM where the forcast said the lights would be the strongest.

Every little while someone would do a walk around to see if the lights were any brighter.  You know that loopy talk that happens when everyone is overtired and excited and just waiting for something but not sure what. At around 1AM we piled into a car and drove to a darker spot. We squished into the car like donuts in a box too small. We were chasing the lights.

The universe is big and we are so small.

The lights did not disappoint.




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