Have you found the perfect blue?

Every time I walk by Lena’s table she has more and more art and she has so many unbelievable shades of blue and has captured the landscape so perfectly.

Lena Johansson Fahlén is a visual artist from northern Sweden. Her main medium is watercolour and her work has been shown internationally in many countries in Europe. Here is her website.

I asked her if she found the perfect blue colour yet and she said “no“.

I think as artists we are always looking for something unseen or for something that we feel or see in our mind.  I do that too. Like how I can play a loop over and over again and it’s not quite right. Literally. I’ll play it 1000 times. People have said to me “oh you can turn up and the music will be great”. But really a loop over and over and over and over does get to be too much UNLESS you are looking for that melody that you know is there and you have pieces of it but not the whole thing yet so you need to keep playing the loop and you trust the universe will give it to you at some point.

…and it does at some point or maybe it’s just that you are playing so much.

I can play for hours here. I have not listened to the news or a podcast or watched tv so I have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world and it feels really good. The only media thing we did was put The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on the projector one night and watched it together because there were some parts of it shot in Iceland. We sat on the couches in the fish freezer with the fisherman ghost who lives there and all watched together. I don’t know why everything feels so magical here. Maybe it’s because I am only here for a short time and I know it’s all going to end at some point.

Actually this cohort of artists except for Naakai and I will end. They are all leaving one by one next week and then a new group come in so this group who I adore will be gone. Just like that.



and it’s sad and happy all at the same time.