Be myself again

When I first came here I wanted to recreate myself but now I just want to be myself.

A New Phase

…and just like that the snow disappeared and the mountains took off their white winter coat and emerged from the windy white sky.

Have you found the perfect blue?

Every time I walk by Lena’s table she has more and more art and she has so many unbelievable shades of blue and has captured the landscape so perfectly. I asked her if she found the perfect blue colour yet and she said “no”.

What if you found a poem in the snow?

After i played one of the songs Anne told me that she found a poem in one of the snow drifts close to the studio. She didn’t want to remove it but she took a picture and then sent it to me and that is the song that I am currently working on.

What if you could remake yourself?

Naakai expressed her interest in collaborating, which gave me the courage to express my own interest in collaboration as well. It’s amazing how just one person’s words can empower others. It takes a lot of courage to be the first.

What if a Bird was a Fish

A group of us were talking one morning about the birds that fly in swarms outside the fish factory and how they look like shoals of fish and then she talked about her friend who gave her a necklace with a fish and how everytime she sees a fish she thinks of her friend and now when she looks at the birds she think they look like fish.

The Beauty of the Process

I was thinking about process today because I posted part of a song that is not anywhere near finished. It’s the framework but I posted anyway because I like seeing people’s process which means that I need to share mine.

What if you could be an Astronaut?

I sat on my small bed at midnight after I returned from the studio listening to the wind whistling and watching the snow fall and flipped through the book looking for a piece that might work as a song.

The Northern Lights

One of the people here at NES follows the forecasts closely and saw that there would  be a 5 on the scale of aurora borealis. That is high so we decided that we would all stay up until 3AM to catch them at their strongest. There is a tracker that you can use to see the […]

The Local Choir

The days are slow here but then you look out the window and the sun is setting and the day is almost over.

I’ve settled into Skagaströnd.

At night I am often in there alone and hear the whistle of the wind outside. I can see the soft glow of lights from the prawn factory when I look out the window and I play my music to the wind, to the mountains, to the rocks and to the birds.

What if I could fly?

I finally set up my little studio in the freezer room of the fish factory and as I was fiddling with all the little pieces I wondered what DOES go on in a fish factory. So I googled it.

First day in Skagastörnd

On my first day in Skagastörnd I was feeling a little jet-lagged and slow. I settled into my small room right across from the church, which is the landmark I use to find my way back home.

Arrival in Iceland

You know that feeling when you wake up from a deep sleep and momentarily forget where you are, but then you rub your eyes, and it all comes flooding back? This time, when I rubbed my eyes, the feeling didn’t go away because I WAS in a remarkably different, breathtakingly beautiful, and entirely new place.

NES Skagaströnd Iceland Residency

What If is an exploration of hope and connection through music composition at NES Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland from March 6 to April 30, 2023.